Established in 1984 by Kim O. Christensen., Walk on Wood Floor Co Inc. is an island wide full service hardwood flooring company dedicated to providing best-in-class service on the island of Hawaii. Kim, master craftsman at all things flooring related, is a NHLA  (National Hardwood Lumber Association) Certified Hardwood Inspector with experience in the industry since 1979. Our team is 15 strong and well experienced in Repair, Installation and Finishing. We service Island wide with our main office located in Captain Cook. We are also members of NWFA the National Wood Floor Association.

My Danish Grandfather was a woodworker. He inspired my love of the craft.

It was his Danish beechwood workbench that got me started. My grandfather, my mother’s father, or Morfar (pronounced ‘more-far’ with a short sound to each syllable) had rough hands and his face was lined, but he wore a soft smile. Morfar was a woodworker by trade and retired by the time I was born. I witnessed his fast repair of wood chair needing a ‘dutchman’ where he expertly applied a perfectly smooth chunk of wood to a broken limb, sanded it into place, and finished it like nothing flat. It could’ve been because I was little(under 8 yrs. old) or that he really excellent at his trade. But his intelligence inspired me like life's blood. From then on, I tended to examine the legs on chairs, tables, and undersides of wood furniture. Little did I know all the ways that I would become invested in the world of wood.
Born in central California to Danish parents, we weren’t far from Solvang, Ca.(Little Denmark). I wore the wooden shoes, my hair was white and my mom did cut my hair with a bowl. My pop came to Cali to become a farmer. Flat out of high school I followed my sis to NorCal from SoCal, then went east into Tennessee for my Certified Lumber Inspection credential. I studied to learn how to grade domestic woods(grown in the USA), their characteristics, and different qualities. Upon my return I found my first best job with ‘Papa Joe’ Cortese, the CEO of Mac Beath Hardwoods in San Francisco, Ca. Into the lumber yard I went where ‘Papa Joe’ joked and gave encouragement to all of his yard ‘men.’ He was a kind and patient man, also one to forgive. I recall a time at the lumber yard when a mistake had been made (insert life lesson here). These early days shaped me and marked my youth. I’d be up before the roosters, attending my remodel projects on my first home purchase before my 30 minute commute on the 101 into San Francisco. Back then, I maintained a number of side jobs while purchasing my first home on King Street in Redwood City. Redwood City got its name changed from Redwood Creek where waterways deep enough for barges and ships carried lumber across the water and out of state. I’d get to unload all the wood species from the shipping containers and use my certified lumber inspection knowledge everyday. I’d drive a lift at the lumber yard, organizing piles of exotic hardwood to make more stacks for the fresh imports from all over the world. All the while, I was getting a first ‘look’ at the wooden slabs and lengths of boards that I would be trading my paycheck for. After my sack lunch, I’d nap atop the high rise wood stacks. In the evenings, I would load up the wood shavings from Mac Beaths’ wood mill and drive south towards any number of horse stables using the mix for their horse beds and resale the loads for a great side income.